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 The property is located almost exactly 100 mi. from the Montrose Rd. exit of I-270.

1. Take I-270 to Frederick.

2. Pick up I-70 West.  Proceed on I-70 West for 51 mi. to Hancock, Md. (between Hagerstown and Cumberland).

3. Get off I-70 on  Rte. 522 (left exit).  You will go through the little town of Hancock, Md. and immediately cross the Potomac into West Virginia.  Proceed on Rte 522 for 6.3 mi. to Berkeley Springs.

4. In Berkeley Springs, turn right on Rte. 9 West.  Proceed on Rte. 9 for 7.9 mi.  (After turning onto Rte. 9, you will pass the Berkeley Castle.  At approx. 5 mi., you will pass the Panorama Steakhouse on the left, and a breathtaking view of the Potomac on your right.  You will pass through the little town of Great Cacapon at approximately 6 miles.)

5. Turn right on Detour Rd., which is marked with a green road sign.  It is one of the first marked road signs after you go through Great Cacapon, approx. 1/2 to 1 mi. outside of town.  Detour Road is a shortcut, over the mountains, between Great Cacapon and Paw Paw.

6. Proceed on Detour Rd. for 6 mi.  The first landmark will be an intersection with a sign "Milo School Rd." at 3 mi.  The next landmark is a subdivision marked "Valley High Timber."  After that, you will pass a subdivision with stone columns marked "Cacapon Highlands."

 The property is shortly after that, in an unmarked subdivision, with a blue metal gate and a hairpin turn to the right, going downhill.  The only landmark is a rusty mailbox with "108" painted on it on the right side of Detour Rd., just past the gate (there are other roads with blue gates, but they go uphill and do not have a mailbox).  The lock is under a cover in the gate.  It is difficult to lock and to unlock, but please work with it until you can get it locked.  The property is 1/2 mi. down the road on the left, almost at the end of the road.  The property on the left, just before my property, recently had a driveway cut in and has a camper in the driveway.  The property just past mine on the right has wooden pallets stacked up next to its driveway.

 When you get to my driveway, consider whether your vehicle will be able to get back out.  My trooper can get out in low, without using 4-wheel drive, if I start at the bottom of the driveway (in dry weather).  I enter the driveway by circling around at the bottom of the road, passing my driveway as if leaving, then backing down.  Be careful not to go off the edge of the driveway.