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James McManus

(b. ABT 1715; d. BEF Feb 1762)

Children:  Hugh McManus; Steve McManus; Charles McManus

Estate Inventory

Hugh McManus

(b. BEF 1752; d. 1831) m. ? m. Elizabeth (aka "Betsy")

Children (by first wife): John Hugh McManus (b. 15 Mar 1775; d. 30 July 1855 m. Rebecca Terrell); Jonathan McManus (b. ABT 1775); Nancy McManus (b. 16 Feb 1777); Elizabeth McManus (B. 12 Apr 1779); Jane McManus (b. 22 Jun 1781); Robert McManus (b. 17 Nov 1783); Mary McManus (b. 10 Jul 1786); Sallie McManus (b. 20 Apr 1789); Tobitha McManus (b. 27 Aug 1796); Martha McManus (b. 27 Aug 1796); Pleasant McManus; Samuel McManus; Rebecca McManus (m. Albert Stack); Charlotte McManus (m. Sterling Evans)

Lived in the Lancaster District prior to the Revolutionary War and served as a lieutenant in the cavalry for approximately six months (1780-1781) (Book R, page 40, South Carolina Historical Commision).  According to family records, immigrated to the United States from Scotland (circa 1750), following brothers Steve and Charles.

John Hugh McManus

(b. 15 Mar 1775; d. 30 July 1855) m. Rebecca Terrell (b. 14 Nov 1786; d. Dec 1864)

Children: William McManus (b. 1805; d. BEF 1873) m. Sarah Elizabeth Hegler; Richard ("Richmond" in some family records) McManus (m. Elizabeth Polk (president's daughter)); Samuel McManus (b. 8 Dec 1806 d. 6 Feb 1891 m. Jane Funderburk); Hugh McManus (m. Nellie Deason); Amos McManus (b. 15 May 1826 d. 5 Jul 1910 m. Martha Ann Hough); Amon McManus; John Hugh McManus (b. 15 Mar 1824 d. 20 Jul 1863 m. Mary Minerva Cook); Sarah McManus (m. Kennan Morgan); Minerva McManus; Cathy McManus (m. Calvin Massey); Frankie McManus; Rebecca McManus

Served in the Revolutionary War without pay for 41 days.  Buried at McManus family cemetary, three miles east of Taxahaw, South Carolina (publication on descendants of William Alford McManus) [Note: date of birth would seem inconsistent with service in the Revolutionary War]

William McManus

aka "Billie McManus"

(b. 1805; d. BEF 1873) m. Sarah Elizabeth Hegler (b. 1800; d. 1851-1859)

Children:  Robert H. McManus (b. 1827; d. 1916; m. Rebecca); William Alfred McManus (b. 25 Nov 1833 d. 23 Feb 1917 m. Sarah Amanda Cook); Mary Ann McManus (m. William Cook); Malissa McManus (m. Culp Cook); Jane McManus; Minerva McManus (m. W.F. Cook (aka "Bill"))

Robert H. McManus

(b. 1827; d. 1916) m. Rebecca (b. 1834; d. BEF 1870)

Children:  William Emerson McManus (b. 21 May 1851; d. 27 Apr 1933); Sarah A. McManus (b. 1849; d.1926 m. Leander J. Kearns);

Served in the civil war (Confederate)

Service Records

1915 Family Reunion

William Emerson McManus

(b. 21 May 1851; d. 27 Apr 1933) m. Theresa Irene Moore (aka "Kitty" aka "Tressie") (b. 27 Jun 1853 d. 10 Feb 1933)

Children:  Robert Harrison McManus (b. 13 Feb 1875; d. 1 Aug 1949); Mary Elise McManus (b. 29 Aug 1873 d. 6 Mar 1959 m. Robert Kluttz;  m. O.L. Black); Queen Victoria McManus (aka "Queenie McManus") (b. 31 Jul 1879 d. 6 Sep 1957 m. William Alexander Garland); David Frank McManus (b. 22 Jun 1881 d. 12 Mar 1955 m. Tirza Biggers); Willis Alford McManus (b. 10 Aug 1883 d. 11 Jan 1979 m. Carrie Asbury Biggers); Martha Virginia McManus (b. Sep 1885 m. Claude Felix Biggers); Berdie McManus (b. 1888 d. AFT 1933 m. J. Thaddeus Biggers); Cyrus Emerson McManus (b. 2 Sep 1891 d. 18 Jun 1975 m. Addie Black)


1927 Family Reunion


Robert Harrison McManus

(b. 13 Feb 1875; d. 1 Aug 1949) m. Rose Lenora Little (b. 11 Oct 1879; d. SUMMER 1955)

Children:  Dorthea Jewell McManus (b. 16 May 1918 m. Ivan J. Taylor); George W. McManus (b. 26 May 1903 d. 1 Apr 1979 m. Pearl Wallace d. AFT 1979); Blanch McManus; Blake McManus (died in infancy); Maude McManus (m. William Banker); Madge McManus (m. Burner); Glenn McManus; Robert McManus; Rosalee McManus; Samuel McManus




Dorthea Jewell McManus

(aka Jewell McManus Taylor)

(b. 16 May 1918 m. Ivan J. Taylor)

Jewell McManus married Ivan Jackson Taylor (b. 16 Nov 1915 d. Sept 1984) on 21 Nov 1936. They had the following children: Robert Cleveland; Donald Glenn (b. 15 July 1956), Janet Faye (b. 21 May 1958) and John Alfred (b. 14 Jan 1961).


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